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Senior Coach

Ricky "Ricky Bob" Lyness

Reserves Coach

Peter ' Foxy" Johnson

Coaches Comments - Weekly Review


Bulldog v Swans. 7-12-54 to 8-8-56
Saturday's game was a challenge from the outset as the Swans turned up ready to attempt to beat us for the 1st time since 2013. The 1st quarter was an arm wrestle filled with end to end contests and only resulting in one goal to the Swans for the entire term.


The second quarter we started to use and move the ball the way we wanted resulting in a 4 goal to zero term. Half time slowed us down and the swans took advantage in the 3rd quarter kicking 3 goals to 1.


We couldn't stop the Swans momentum in the last qtr and they ended up kicking home by 2 points. CHB Matt Trends played his best Senior Game for the Dogs and was awarded BOG. other notable games were played by Freitas, Gaudion, Bice, Ellerton and Hollis. 

Another strong showing from the ressies this week, this time against the Swans. It was important for us to back up last weeks performance with a solid effort and despite our inaccurate kicking I feel our overall game was spot on. Our backline is coming together really well and once again proved miserly and disciplined. The midfield was dominate and not just at the center bounces and stoppages but also in general play, together they paved the way for a team effort of 30 scoring shots. Although it is not pleasing to kick 10 goals 20 it was pleasing to see the repeat forward entries and the pressure applied to give few easy exits for our opponents backline.  You rarely, if ever, have the same 22 players for consecutive games in reserve grade football and that can make it very hard to find consistency and familiarity in your set ups. As mentioned our backs and midfield are finding their groove no matter who is playing where. We will work on our forward structure and will only get better as we play more games. Well done to all who played, with a special mention to Slabs on a great first up game in a while as well as new boy Mitch in his first game for the club. Big Joe proved very versatile and was played in a few positions throughout the game, Aiden and Colby again had solid games, with Matty Heers finding plenty of the footy in his second game,

Next game is after the bye against the Tigers. They are the only team to get the better of us so far and it will be a great contest and a real test for us to see what we learnt from our first encounter. 

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