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Pack Leader to Top Dog

The Thuringowa Bulldogs AFC held the AGM today at Tony Ireland Stadium and elected its new committee.

2014 -15 Senior Coach, Tony Burke, was appointed as Club President and will be assisted by his Vice President, Tom Boyd, who will also take control of the Junior teams, coaches and members.

Tony thanked the previous Board for their work especially on producing the Club's 5 year Strategic Plan despite the incumbent President, Michael Bice, having been transferred with employment to the Sunshine Coast. A special mention was also noted to Vice President, Shane Irwin, for taking the reins and also to Tom Boyd and his team for their efforts in the canteens and fundraising events.

Tony is satisfied that the club is in a good position, financially and culturally and that gives him great confidence in employing the steps required to ensure the club continues to prosper and can now start ticking off things identified by the members regarding securing the long term objectives of the Club.

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