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Finn - Holman Club Challenge 2018

What a day it was for the Bulldogs yesterday as we battled the Northern Beaches SUNS for the Finn-Holman Club Challenge.

The Challenge was created so that the two Clubs could compete against each other and to recognize the hard work that John Finn (Bulldogs) and Geoff Holman (SUNS) have displayed in developing our two great clubs over many years. Volunteers of their caliber do not come along too often.

The Challenge is won by the Club which wins the most games for the day in the competitive grades (U13 - Seniors & including the Ladies). Should the result be 3 - 3 the team with the greatest for and against result wins the day.

Last year the Bulldogs were lucky enough the win the Challenge 4 - 2, but no thanks to the Senior Men's teams which were both defeated by the SUNS on the day.

This year the Bulldogs played the house down in ever grade and came away with a 6- 0 result. This is a very uncommon feat for a club to clean sweep an opposition team over the course of the day. Well done to everyone that competed for the Red, White and Blue as well as all the people that volunteered in the many capacities we needed to ensure we had a great day at the footy.

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