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Bulldog Women continue to shine

Starting this season as reigning premiers the Bulldog Women have shown that they have that trophy in their sights again, winning their first 4 outings against some strong competition.

With a lot of new players and a new coach in Andy Goodwin, a solid pre-season and ongoing training sessions have helped to unite the women to show their dominance on the field. Always known for playing a hard tackling game, the addition of some strong hitters in the backline such as Marcia Wilson and Tiana Thorne, being moved to Centre Halfback, the forward line of the opposition have been stopped in their tracks on a number of occasions.

This year the forward line has also found their feet and with the move of Shannon Dale to an attacking position has paid off with opening up many attempts at goal. Jessee Gwynne has shown her strength playing Full Forward scoring some very convincing goals in each game.

With a strong midfield combination of Madison Goodwin and Delma Gisu the speed and control of the ball in this area has led to some amazing break aways that have seen both players being involved in not only solid contests of the ball but attempts at goals with positive results.

Although a fresh team the Bulldog Women are playing a very experienced game with a lot of communication and linking of plays down the line. With Tigers looking for a win to level the score; next week’s game will be a very exciting match up.

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