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Undisputed, undefeated, football perfection

The only 4 words that can sum up this team. 16-0 in the regular season, with only two games that saw the streak challenged, before playing our best eight quarters of the year in a scintillating finals series, topped off with the best game of my life on Saturday (bar my atrocious goal kicking). In 5, 10, 20 years time we'll all look back on this, and I don't know how many will be able to comprehend what we achieved.

A side with no superstars, our back 6 was led by ageing defensive maestro and co-captain David Black, and newcomer Josh Mullet Hollis, while the rest of the spots were filled with young, skilled, undeniably tough protégés, Joel Newman, Nathanael Kennell, Kieren Koczwara and Riley Heaver.

Our engine room was headed by contested ball magnet co-captain Damon Szabo, with the added experience and class of Robbie Besanvalle, Grog monster Glenn Sypott, the tackling menace of Adam Bice,100% fight and effort from ruck, Anthony Harrex, combined with the dash and poise from Daine McDonald and "strings of steel" Chris Butcher. The young running brigade of Charlie Gaudion #29, Sebastian Joseph and Matty Oakford kept the wings of TIS busy.

Just like the old adage, "there's no place like home", to me, there is no place like a good forward line. The all round genius and champion player that is Paul Sanson was in charge, with the big, intimidating, "dots them from the pocket" Bryce Kelly the perfect foil. The young apprentice in Blake Leonard, who's as good on his left as his natural right, while no one can discount the acceleration and inspiring motivation from Tranter Keyes and the X-Factor that is Rim Kris. Me? I had so much fun playing with such a good side, I sometimes managed a goal or two (or an assist).

We were all orchestrated by master coach Ricky Sullivan, who as modest as he is, trained us (What was it 80-90 sessions?), instructed us, inspired us and got us to be the best football side we could possibly be, not even some professional coaches can achieve that.

Any amateur sporting club can never forget the people that keep it running, president Tony Burke, ex-president John Finn, and team manager, Jenny Wiltshire are just three people who let us run out every week and play the game we love. Thank you.

I can't say much more, except a huge thanks to all the lads, I've loved every minute (including pre-season) and hope that you're all up here, and willing, to go around next year (glances suspiciously at #7, #8, #30).


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